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Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

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Aural Stream Updates and Tutorial: Overview

2 min read

The Aural Stream section of DiVa, which can be accessed using the “Aural Stream” menu item, has seen significant enhancements as of late worth sharing and reviewing.

The previous “Daily Readings” segment has been put on hold temporarily while improvements to the ShoutCast channel’s integration with the Aural Stream page are being finalized.

It should be noted that DigitalValhalla’s channel is a 24/7 broadcast specializing exclusively in Drone, Dark Ambient, Ritual, and Neoclassical music. Desiring to see how tightly integrated one can make such a thing with a WordPress site, of all things, Thisself, your’s truly, has done it again!

Located at the following URL: the real-time playlist with historical track-listing is continually updated on this page via an amalgamate of interesting ad-hoc programming solutions spanning a wide range of technologies which will be reviewed in a series of tutorials outlined as follows:

Section 1: Preliminary remarks, configuration, Shoutcast, Winamp, parsing its log files in, why open source is important, and why understanding other people’s code is also important!

Section 2: Datatables, SQL Server, stored procedures, what can go wrong with special characters, posting data locally, and rolling your own API controller for hosting providers that do not allow direct connection to the database.

Section 3: JSON, HTTP Methods, API keys and OAuth

Section 4: Angular 9, aesthetics, time, time zones and the world wide web, the art of the klooge and tying it all together.

Next Segment:

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