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Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

Digital Valhalla

Desert of the real


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Conspiracy theories mistakenly attribute complex planning and foresight to power structures that are demonstrably absent of such characteristics. Such things are not in the nature of power. It is the nature of power to seize and to grasp where opportunity arises from chaos. It is, of course, vaguely reassuring to assume that one is dominated and oppressed simply on account of some intellectual or cognitive advantage put to use conspiring against them and their hapless peers. It is more reassuring than the cold reality: which is that power does as it can with absolute impunity and without the need of reason at all. It abides in the world as is, while the subjugated, effetely bemoaning how it violates the world as ought, imaginatively grasp for reasons as to why that might be. Clearly, things will not go back to the way they were before, but it’s not because it was planned from the outset. It is because, again, what power does is seize control where opportunity presents itself. Power does not, by definition, yield control at all, let alone back. It instead clutches and grasps as steadfast as a monkey rather as an all-too-mammalian impulse against surrender – the innate and reflexive fear of falling.

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