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Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

Digital Valhalla

Desert of the real


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From present through April of 2020 DigitalValhalla is to be considered a zygote; bearing only the vaguest resemblance to its intended form. Posts and components are fully-expected to be added, removed, altered fused or even abandoned entirely as it incubates. For this, no apologies are made nor are any warranties expressed or implied. While an audience is respected and appreciated as much as such a thing can be, it is of tertiary concern.

Rather, in all frankness, it is the possibility of an audience that adds the necessary ingredient to the creative work that DigitalValhalla is. It is the knowing that someone might be watching, reading, listening – judging – that adds the measure of pressure or circumspection in once’s presentation required for a successful production. 

In and of itself, this is the author himself’s own personal Digital Valhalla. His mindscape. An avenue of creative expression and practice; one certainly well more worthwhile than countless of hours spent hypnotized by memes, meaningless lists, trivia, and such. A system composed of many nodes of which WordPress is the facade – its yet still translucent flesh.

Various other nodes – providers of interactivity – concepts, innovations, projects are in process of being re-wired and integrated from other servers, domains and frameworks, while still others are also being constructed, tested, and so on.

In time – many, many, years from now the fully-formed cyber-esoteric environment of DigitalValhalla will emerge. 

This here is the beginning. 

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