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Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

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Desert of the real

Readings: a blurb on the works of Robert Greene

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The “daily readings” segment of this project (or, more accurately, digital total environment) that is found on the Aural Stream page is, at present, an inchoate concept of 24-7 streaming of dark / ambient music interspersed with an ~hour segment of reading aloud. 

The impetus behind the reading segment is to ensure that time is set aside for reading while simultaneously practicing enunciation, vocalization, cadence, verbal fluidity etc. Additionally, to get comfortable and come-to-terms with the ever-pervasive apprehension of “does this voice really sound like that?

It is noted that truly! it is how one says things that matters as much, if not even more so than what one says. Subsequently, one would be remiss in knowing this, yet refusing to practice accordingly. That is the intent. As with all skills, some people are naturally gifted while others simply have to work at it. Thisself, personally being one who has to work at it, perhaps more so than most, while not being one to shy away from examining deficiencies (real or imagined) and working at them “without lust of result” sees great value in this particular exercise. The voice and the power of the word can never be understated. So much as an hour spent honing that skill-set is an hour well-spent.

The subjects that are being covered vary but are not wholly unrelated. Broad, but not necessarily eclectic. The over-arching theme borrows heavily from the play-list of what is loosely referred to as “left-hand path”: a phrase that Thisself would happily live to see die-off already. By this “left-hand path” is meant broadly the “occult” or hidden wisdom in the carnal, natural, corporeal, organic, or material – but (and an emphatic but) not to the exclusion of the ethical, spiritual, immaterial, or even the notion of “things” that exist outside of time itself. That is to say: the material and carnal as the trapezoid, or base upon which understanding the transcendent rests. The transcendent being a possibility Thisself is completely open to, though he feels that, as with mathematics, one must first understand the laws of integers and simple arithmetic before delving into imaginary numbers and whatnot to any practical avail.

Admittedly, this is all very much what LaVey was pointing-at or at least alluding to in the first place. None of this is “new” or even improved, for that matter. “This” here is decidedly not an exercise in defining, redefining, or even promulgating Satanism, so much as it is an application of the very-easy-to-understand principles espoused by Satanism. Satanism being a tool or reference point – one of several – by which this house so-to-speak is built and made level. This is not a website about hammers so much as it is a working in which hammers are employed extensively.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that Robert Greene has and will continue to occupy a space in the aural streaming segment. Presently, The Art of Seduction is in the queue. Reading these works of his aloud continues to be a real chore. Joyless, in a word. These are not sentences meant to be spoken. His ideas and historical examples, while seemingly fresh and original upon first reading of any one of his books (so far we have covered Mastery and The 48 laws of power front to back) grow stale and repetitive rather quickly. One comes away with the strong suspicion that these books were never intended to be read all the way through lest the wide pond from which the author seems to draw examples reveal itself to be, on closer examination, mere inches deep. 

It seems perplexing that anyone would take these to be “how-to” manuals. One can only imagine the assorted personality disorders a person who does so would harbor. Rather, as a study in things a person already does without saying or recognizing as much in so many words is what these books have going for them. Observations in human nature. Insights one hasn’t bothered to articulate. In that respect, they are interesting and, at times, enlightening both in terms of self and others. Still, as reads go, these – especially The Art of Seduction – really are, without exaggeration, as dry and monotonous as the Sahara. Reading these aloud has consistently been an experience a lot like work. Drudgery. Hence the intercessions as of late. The idea though is to keep plugging away at this one and not revisit another of Greene’s works until July or later. At this point, these are in the queue as work to be done simply because it was committed-to and for the ancillary benefits of the exercise of reading aloud mentioned earlier.

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