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Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

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Desert of the real


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One can never be entirely certain in these matters. To say that it will come back threefold is no guarantee but it cannot and should not be ruled out entirely. For one can never know which way the wind will blow – who one is up against – what causal and acausal chains bind a man to their karma, its antecedent, and even antithesis – not in any analytically knowable sense, anyhow.

Moreover, the notion that a curse or a blessing or prayer or any such maneuver is brought to fruition by a sort of force or exertion of power, accumulation of merit, or sanctity, charged relics, and so-on is wishful thinking at best; delusion at worst.  Only those who are inherently cursed can be cursed, and those who are inherently blessed can be blessed. These are not matters altered by opinion, perception, or judgment of any son of man. The extent to which anyone is any of these things is a purely internal affair – “a particular dealing between god and one’s soul” – and ultimately a consequence of one’s accord with, say, the Tao or the truth or to put it simply: reality. It is an A and B conversation to which all outside parties may as well just “C” their Deluded way out of. No wonder many would-be hexers and demonolators are warned against such practices and made examples of in the process. It is not the right or wrongness – the “morality” – of the act or even the motivation, necessarily, but rather that such measures and beliefs are themselves symptoms of a far, far more tragic underlying break with reality; the consequences of which are guaranteed to foment lasting and permanent disaster without exception.

Such is why so many an “expert” in the “dark arts” has objectively the least to show for it save a litany of failed attempts and frustration. No successes whatsoever in this or in any realm. No natural ability. No virtues. No redeeming qualities. Just impotent spite and the unctuous and loathsome want of something for nothing – themselves knowing not the true meaning of sacrifice. Every desire and pitiable attempt at triumph, victory, even revenge met with predictable failure and sadness: and all simply because they are not in accord with reality. They shun reality and in turn reality shuns them. The light of day reveals they have nothing, mean nothing to anyone, and ultimately will be nothing. Their “curses” themselves a symptom and exacerbator of an inherently cursed, lonely, and empty existence.

The fires of heaven and the fires of hell – IALPRG – are, indeed, one and the same, for heaven and hell are one and the same. The fires of conscience. Of judgment. Here too is the mystery of VABZIR and SIATRIS. The latter will, invoking and subsequently surrounded by an IALPRG not its own, taste instead of FABOAN or GROSB. The former is reborn anew: purged. Accepted, corrected, and, as it were, redeemed on the path of BAEOVIB. This has nothing to do with righteousness in the cartoonishly perverted sense of the word, but instead something as simple and natural as man’s relationship with what IS and what is enduring. Δίκαιος. For this reason with every AMMA there is a suicide and a rebirth, but to whose fate is tied the one or the other is ZONGOM – of the winds.

*IALPRG: burning flames , VABZIR: eagle, SIATRIS: scorpion, IALPRG: burning flames, FABOAN: poison, GROSB: bitter sting, BAEOVIB: righteousness, AMMA: cursed, ZONGOM: winds (of the)

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